Math is better than words.

Knitting pattern authors who do not use charts will be exiled to a remote island with a calculus textbook and graph paper, and only enough wood to build one boat without errors. When you learn how to properly design something first, write down the plan, and THEN execute on it you can rejoin civilization.

Those who do not survive will not be missed.

As a nice change of pace from THAT debacle I’m going to build some Legos. At least they know how to plan ahead.

Dive-in Dumbo

Went to the pool, turns out they were having a “dive in movie” event.

This was a good way to see Dumbo. Pretty glad we didn’t go to the theater. Cool music, neat asthetic, bad writing and worse acting. But excellent background for paddling about.

I know we haven’t posted much lately, been stealthily working on getting a bunch of stuff done, and had company over. It’s been pretty much just getting house organized. We’re getting soooo close!

New ways of thinking…

We’ve been organizing the master closet, and we’re thinking about putting sweaters and stuff in the back corner out of the way.

I went into one of the other bedrooms to put some things away, looked into one of the closets, thought “hmm, what should we put he….”

Yeah, we have 5 other closets available. Take away the 2 in one guest bedroom and the 1 walk-in in the other guest bedroom and we still have two whole EXTRA closets.

My brain is still getting used to living in more that 505 square feet.

Also, Bevin is making bread.

Coffee and road rage

Everyone is so nice in Texas. With two exceptions:

  1. Starbucks Baristas
  2. Anyone driving a vehicle.

Seriously, It’s observable and repeatable! I’ve met ONE nice barista, the rest have all been surly. I think early 2000’s snobby coffee culture maybe just arrived here or something? Either that or Starbucks is piloting the mandatory lunchbreak electro-shock therapy here.

On the issue of cars, I think they’re second only to California on my list of places where people are actively trying to kill you while driving, it’s actually pretty insane. Doing 15mph over the limit keeping pace with absolutely solid traffic ahead of you? People will tailgate you until you merge out of their chosen lane or they decide to go around you. I was held up in traffic yesterday for 3 full changes of a single stoplight because people just park in the middle of the intersection, preventing anyone from going anywhere when the light changes.

After this picture was taken the guy in the lane to my right pulled forward into the intersection because he wanted to make sure he got through the green light, but the traffic in the next intersection didn’t go anywhere for a full light cycle, so he was blocking the traffic moving from left to right.
THEN a semi-truck pulled into the intersection from the left and blocked all that traffic…

In california it made sense, they were all terrible people either in their cars or not. But everyone here (barring baristas) is super friendly. Until we go all destruction-derby on each other apparently. Very weird.

I can’t even comprehend it…

Me: Traaaaaaaaaaain!

Bevin: Hoot Hoot!

Me: [incredulously] … Hoot…?

Bevin: You know, the sound a train makes?

Me: [doubly incredulous] Don’t you mean “Choo Choo”? It’s owls that go “hoot”, what kind of books did your parents even read you?!?!

I wish we had a video of me boggling my eyes at her. “incredulous” barely does it justice. Hoot. Hmph. Trains do not “hoot”.

In other train related news, the GE locomotive plant down the road has bays named “test hospital” and “paint hospital”. I enjoyed the idea of a locomotive going to the paint hospital.

Perchance to dream…

I still can’t share images because something has gone wrong either with WordPress, or with Android, and suddenly my phone is taking images that WordPress won’t upload. Yay, more things to solve.

Imagine though, a mattress on a floor, with a pile of shoes and blankets next to it.

Yes, that’s right, we are re-homed! All but a few boxes are unpacked and inspected, (although FAR from put away…) we no longer have a hotel room or a rental car, and everything we own is inside these four walls. And now we’re so tired we’re going to pass out.

It’s pretty exciting. First night actually sleeping here, now that we’ve got, you know, stuff to sleep on.

And so much kitchen stuff. Oy.

Tomorrow, hopefully, pictures of the last few days of adventure, and the wreckage of unpacking.

The silence of the cardboard…

Stuff was delivered today. I’m a bit backlogged on Blog posts because I’m having trouble uploading images. There will be some posts about our last few days of adventures soon as I get a chance to fix that.

In the meantime:

  • Car is here, nice and clean and undamaged.
  • Stuff has arrived. Minimal damage to some fairly trivial stuff, nothing serious so far. (only one thing missing)
  • OMG we have too much kitchen stuff.
  • We’re having a pretty decent lightning storm. I’m gonna need some UPS’ and surge protectors!

We just grabbed some Dominos to munch on while we keep on unpacking and checking for damage! Busy evening ahead…