Oddly flavored adventures

Trying a coffee place today. Bev’s (left) is coffee soda with ginger, and a carrot cake whipped cream. Mine is the “moth man” with some sort of condensed milk and activated charcoal.

This coffee shop is near the big college, is an “ale works” as well as coffee shop, has a bunch of trestle tables, and a big wall board games, and behind Bevin you can see some classic arcade consoles. Neat spot! I’ll bring some quarters next time and get my Galaga on.

Living the (dead) dream…

I’ve just scared my first tiny trick or treaters.

I’ve got the lights on spooky flickering, the Haunted Mansion queue music in playing on the speakers, and I’m acting like a Ghost Host and trying to work in as many terrible puns as possible.

I amuse myself.

Confusing Confections

What makes a Twix “left” vs “right”?

I cut them open with a knife, they’re identical, so there goes my only idea. (I had hoped for a symmetry of some kind…)

So now I’m just puzzled.

Bevin was pleased though, when she discovered bite size snickers could be used for spelling.

An another note, I re-arranged some plants to keep things away from the windows a bit as it starts to get pretty cold. I really like how this turned out:

You can’t quite see, but one of the plants is getting ready to unfurl a bunch of new leaves. I’ll turn this place into a jungle eventually!

Feeling Cozy

Today’s high will be 51 degrees, and the house has cooled down naturally to 71, the coldest it’s gotten in here since we moved in. Before Bev gets home tonight I’ll probably figure out how to switch the AC into heating mode if it keeps cooling, but for now I’m quite enjoying working at my desk in my nice cozy hoodie.

It even looks like the northwest out my window!

I am pleased.

Strange new forms of entertainment…

I just walked from my office into the kitchen and found this:

Apparently Macarons are being made, and must be monitored.

I guess the problem is problem is that they begin cracking, and this means either you under-whipped or over-whipped, with no way to tell which. This doesn’t seem, to my mind, to be a particularly helpful debugging step, as you don’t know what to change. But I guess at least they won’t come out overly cracked if you monitor them.

This is what happens when Bevin marathon watches the great British baking show while knitting.

What were the odds?


We’re in REI.

Bevin: “yeah, this feels like Portland.”

We’re checking out.

Cashier: 503 phone number? I’m from across the river in Vancouver, and the guy I just helped is from Olympia!

(Also “yeah man, save the trees!” when I declined a bag.)

I guess we found our people?

Almost like home


It’s 68 degrees with high light fluffy scattered clouds, a gentle breeze is blowing, and the Blue Angels are tearing up the sky.

It feels almost like a Seattle summer. If only there were a slight saltwater smell. (Or, you know, any sort of mountains on the horizon.)

Unusual Omens and Portents

Yesterday was the first day since we moved here that the AC didn’t kick on at all. The whole day. This makes my power meter happy!

Today is the first day since we moved here that it actually had to HEAT the house. Well… okay, back to work power meter.

Apparently Fall was one day long? This morning it was 35 degrees, it won’t get above 65 today. It’ll be 85 again on Tuesday though. I’m not used to the weather being this confusing!

In other news of strange happenings, I found myself on, apparently, the wrong side of the tracks while driving home from the far side of Dallas the other day. I’m driving down a road through kind of an industrial area, headed towards a pretty upscale area. Suddenly I’m driving by a mostly abandoned strip mall. In this forlorn strip mall, next to a sushi place (which raises it’s own set of questions!) and a Metro PCS store, is a store called “Condoms To Go”. My brain is busy being confused about this (Doesn’t that imply a “condoms for here” store? Can you even run a viable business selling condoms? Does this location need a lot of condoms?) when I see, standing by the entrance to the strip mall, what can only be one of the ugliest hookers ever to stand a streetcorner. I’ve seen Cops and Live PD, this was definitely a hooker. I’ll give her this, she was friendly, waving nicely to everyone driving by, however just based on her looks I think she’d give even the loneliest long-haul truck driver pause! So now I’m wondering if she’s in partnership with the Condoms To Go store, a convenient bystander, or perhaps even some sort of anti-condom protestor trying to completely ruin their business by making anyone driving by who was in the mood for a quick condom to go stop reconsider their choices. There are just so many layers of possibilities here!

At this point I’m double confused, this whole neighborhood is causing so many questions! But we’re not done yet, because moments later, on the same side of the road, I look through some trees and see a man standing in a tower with a shotgun, and a couple of guys in a golf cart.

It turns out it was a sport shooting club, but at the time it really was the icing on the cake. I was too confused, my brain just gave up and went back to focusing on driving, and getting the hell out of whatever strange neighborhood I was in back to my nice calm country suburb, with its lilting tones of Mexican construction music wafting gently across the moors…

It’s up to 56 outside. I think I might go play in the park or something, it seems nice out there.

Concert Night

First adventure to “downtown” Dallas, and we’ve found the equivalent of Portland’s Hawthorne district. We’re seeing a concert by Carbon Leaf in a nice tiny little place full of wacky art.

Kinda weird being back in the big city!

I know we haven’t been posting much lately, I actually have a backlog of things to put up. I’ll get too them soon, I promise. 😁