Misc evening shots…

Obligatory sea lions in San Fran. We went to Bubba Gump for dinner. Or, as I call it “the Red Robin of the sea”. After that we walked way down to Ghirardelli Square and get some ice cream. Dangerous dairy experiences. Walking back to the ship was quite pretty: The mighty Explorer of the Seas! Although apparently not that mighty to Julian and Brian after being on it’s larger sister ship. Back on the ship and lounging around after all the walking we did! Something like 7 miles today?

We got caught!

We seem to have been caught for… Something? We’re being shipped to alcatraz.

It looms ever closer. Dang windy out here.

I didn’t actually take too many pictures while we were there. We were busy doing the tour and wandering about. It was really pretty interesting.

For some reason I really enjoyed how rusted out the metal in this building was, yet in these lighting ballasts the ceramic/plastic where the bulb snaps in is perfect. It made it feel decidedly un-real.

The view from the top was pretty nice. There’s our ship! (we’re on the port side, so you can’t see our “house”)

Another look from the top.

I thought the power systems on the ship for our return trip were interesting!

A little bit of nerdiness about the power systems:

Alcatraz was neat. Highly recommended.

Photo dump: band-in-a-box

Mostly just for me to remember later, I want to look a couple of these up.

Especially this one.

“does not sound like music” makes me hope there’s a good audio recording somewhere on the internet. At a museum type thing at fisherman’s warf.

A ghost ship sort of feeling…

Walking around the ship while somewhere of the coast of California.

Still images just aren’t doing it justice. The slowly moving fog was a really fun sensation. Swirling Mist wrapping around the stanchions and railings was actually somewhat mesmerizing.

Of course, if you’re not prepared, the fog horn going off every couple of minutes will really surprise you! (I actually feel sorry for people with cabins on the upper decks in the bow, that’s gotta be a bit annoying, thing in LOUD)

Down on deck 4 with this view, and seeing the waves over the rail, was where bev’s declared “NOW it feels like being on a proper ship”

An impressive parade…

We’ve seen a number of ships go by today. Quite a busy highway, this great Columbia River of ours. You can see them in the distance out beyond the bridge, parked, I assume, waiting for their turn or their Pilot.

At a certain point today they all went from facing down-stream to facing up-stream. Were were in an antique shop at the time, and so I don’t know if they were powered into a new position, or are simply acting as weather-vanes for the current. Something to investigate.

As an aside, the Astoria post office doesn’t have an automatic terminal, and so there appears to be nowhere in town to buy a stamp on a weekend. Ah, that authentic small-town feel.

A likely story

Fellow 99% Invisible listeners, and my grandmother, would be proud to know that I scoured the area looking for a plaque to describe this thing.

Finding none, I was disappointed to never be able to know. There isn’t even something describing what used to be here.

Julian decided that it’s purpose was obvious: a fish-gut cannon, (correction: “pump”) which would take the unused parts of the fish and launch them back into the ocean in a fire-boat-like stream. (with a sound that is both wet and fleshy at the same time)

This seems unlikely.

Brian then accused me of not knowing how to take “correct” picture, so here is a landscape aligned photo to please him:

A far less interesting framing, I say.