Storyville Coffee

I don’t wouldn’t normally go out of my way to talk about a coffee shop I was in. I’m in so many of them, it’s just not interesting. However, I’m going to make an exception.

Storyville Coffee, upstairs in the building right outside Pike Place Market in Seattle, is the first coffeeshop I’ve been in that I legitimately don’t want to leave. Not hipster, not pretentious, super friendly and nice people, lovely chill music playing (no hipster music to be heard), a fantastic view of Puget Sound and the ferries coming and going, good coffee, and a fantastic breakfast sandwich.

Two guys at the next table talking about open source business models, and a bunch of tourists on the couches in ther corner planning their day.

If we had a place like this in Portland I’d pay rent to make keep one of their tables as my office.

Never use FedEx

In less ambitious news, and the latest in the unending string of their fuckups, FedEx has been sitting on my package for 2 days simply because it’s not due. The best part, I find, is that they own right up to it! 

Two opportunities to get it to me, and yet there it sits… Why did I pay $25 for fedex delivery, I might as well just have let USPS do it at this point. 

6 to 5 and pick ’em that tomorrow FedEx shows up at our condo, doesn’t even try to use the callbox, and makes me drive to the facility anyway. Nitwits. 

Not fair



It’s always the youngest children that get the free ride… (Although we later decided that if you count dog years they’ve become the oldest children, and quite aged indeed, so maybe it’s fair after all…)


After literally minutes of packing and seconds of contemplation we are finally on the road to the vacation that I’m told will actually be at the beach this time.