Home, but still adventuring…

Disney’s website apparently has ruined itself, and we don’t have pictures yet. So instead of posting a bunch of new content for you, we’ve gone on a more local adventure:

Which yes, of course, involves Bevin finding crazy foods.

Also not pictured here is me demolishing a delicious apple strĂ¼del.

The Mt. Angel Oktoberfest is a bit of a madhouse but crazy yummy.

Sleepiness and betrayal…

It was a long flight home. Bevin was sleepy.

Unfortunately my poor internal timekeeper is darn good at their job, and I woke up naturally at 4am Portland time, or the “correct” 7am Florida time. Thanks a lot for that, now reprogram yourself you traitor!

In any case, we are home now, and back to work. Gathering up all the pictures from all 8 of us is going to take a few days though, so prepare for more pictures and notes to be posted later. In the meantime: off to conquer the email demon, who is ever so angry!

The final challenge of the vacation…

I must defeat the Nutella shake of doom.

And then off to annoy a TSA agent.

More pictures will be posted later after they have been collected from all the group’s various cameras and accounts! Ride screaming (and Steve’s “pooping face”) will be seen!

Attacked by dementors.

We went in to Borgen and Burke’s, and came out to a truly torrential downpour and lightning storm in Diagon Alley!

What an authentically creepy experience! If you could please turn off the Florida weather though…

Radar does not look good, it’s gonna be a long wet walk home.

Why yes…


I am indeed an adult male wearing a kilt riding the kids coaster in Hogsmeade. What of it?

More butterbeer!

From magic to sorcery…

After our rather notably less than Disney-like check-in experience, we have arrived at a place of an entirely different type of non-real thinking:

Welcome to Diagon Alley. I think? We’re shopping for some wands now: (candid shot of people discussing what will happen if the correct wand does not choose them)