Doin’ it in the dark!

Extra maaaaaaagic!

And no, I do not have pictures or, gods save humanity, video of the fireworks for you. Because I am not that asshole, and I decided just to enjoy it.

And enjoy it I did. Very very good show, projection mapping the castle, fireworks, some Lazer, great fun.

Shopping and lunch break.

The temperature and humidity out here are too damn high! So it’s shopping, pin-trading, and back to the room for some home-made lunch before we head out again for our afternoon stuff.

May the lamps be with you.

The nerdiest lamps around. I sort of love them.

Back at the resort, before lunch pin-re-organization and securing had to take place apparently:

In their defense, Hollywood Studios was a profitable park for pin trading, a bunch of cool stuff! And anyway, that stripey lanyard is mine. Found a classic Epcot lanyard, and since I’m collecting the classic Epcot pins, I sort of had to.

Decided to try and see if this 360 degree video thing works out. Let’s give it a go, here’s our suite:

Note: Turns out this may or may not work on your browser. :-/ I’ll keep playing with it when I get the chance and see if I can get the 360 video thing working, I want it!

This afternoon back to the park for Slinky Dog Dash coaster, our dessert party, and maybe another ride or two on something we’ve already done. The park is pretty small these days. Hoping the lines aren’t too bad when we go back since we have our FastPass scheduled later in the evening. I want to do Rockin’ roller coaster again!

Rebel Spies All

The content in Star Tours is pretty cool! For example, I now¬†actually want to watch The Last Jedi again, because in the Star Tours version you see the AT-AT’s storming the gate mixed in with the better-armored AT-AT like things (with the knuckles) and you can see that the more sensibly armored ones are actually MUCH larger. I need to see if we saw that in the movie!

Also, the branding at the end where you land in what will be the new Star Wars land is kind of a nice touch. Also, none of our group got caught as the rebel spy this time! [ glaring at Bevin ]

They did have some really cool art after the ride that I kind wish I could buy, really neat art-deco stylings of Star Wars locations. Do want. Should’ve taken pictures, oops.