Survived the backside of water…

We made it off the jungle cruise, it was harrowing and “pun”-ishing, but we made it back!

So we immediately went to skippers cantina for dinner and additional puns.

Matt knew what I was doing.
The SEA lounge room. It’s behind a secret bookcase, very exclusive. Julian had to ask nicely. 😂
Corn pancakes and pulled pork. Very very tasty.

After dinner Emily needed a few more yo’s and ho’s, so we did pirates again.

Directly after this we were shelled into dampness my the shore artillery batteries.
The Red Lady animatronics is pretty great. Much pirate chatter in this scene.
I don’t know why they don’t use the Rome Burning smell here.
The castle looked nice. Freshly painted. Very blue.

After pirates we had some dole whip, and rode seven dwarves mine train again, because I’m a nerd for both pineapple and roller coasters, even cute baby ones. (and this one is pretty fun, even if it’s a baby one.)

After that Park was closing so it was time to head out. We made a stop in the Tangled bathrooms on the way, widely believed to be the best bathrooms in magic Kingdom. Their art supports this.

Poor shorty.
Matt lol’d mightily at “daily serf report”
Tangled deserves more than a bathroom. But it’s got that, and a tower. Maybe someday.
Aladdin bus home? Yes please!

After a short break back at the room, Bevin has her pins organized and we’re headed over to Disney Springs for ice cream!

20,563 steps today, 9.94 miles.

Tomorrow, animal kingdom!

Newly colored castle

Castle in the distance.
The castle looms!
The world famous back-side of castle!

I like the new colors a lot more in person than I did in photos. I don’t know if these photos will convey it. It’s quite nice though.

Bevin lol’d

So far the longest wait time in the park, by a LARGE margin, is Starbucks.

Wandering day

Today is a day of wandering between resorts, looking at things and eating food.

For your consideration: breakfast at the Polynesian!

Macadamia nut pancakes with pineapple.
Tonga tooaaaaaaaast!

The toast is a much talked about dish, it had to be tried.

My tummy hurts.

Anyway! Wandering the Polynesian! Castle in the background.

New castle

More Epcot

Next up, Norway.

Still Norway on the inside!
Elsa let’s it go. Let’s us go actually. Right off the waterfall.

I’ve revised my opinion. It’s a pretty well done re-skin of the old Norway. They could do some things a little cooler, but only one scene actually disappoints me.

At least they still have some troll remnants.
This is the”parade” now.
Not that there’s any traffic TO disrupt, but such short parades are nice and easy to deal with.
I like the view from the DVC lounge on top of Imagination.
Relaxing and rehydrating in the lounge.
It may be nemo’s undersea adventure now, but seabase alpha lives on in some small way.

We managed to dodge a pretty big thunderstorm this afternoon. Fortunately it was easy to find cover. It is AMAZING how empty it is. There are so few people here. On top of that everyone is being really good about masks and spacing. Julian and I before the trip looking at videos and such decided that we’d feel safer here than in our local grocery stores, and that has TOTALLY been true, at least at Disney. Universal was a little more trouble outside the park, we had to actively dodge people sometimes. So such issues at Disney. Snug as a bug in a rug!

Batuu Day, photos delayed.

Yesterday was our first day at a Disney park! We went to Hollywood Studios so we could do Star Wars!

Unfortunately the uploading photos problem the blog was having means I just finished uploading the photos, and now we’re on our way to Epcot, so you’ll have to wait for the full photo set. 😎

Epcot calls!

Universal Leftovers

Had some trouble with the ‘ol Blog yesterday, so we didn’t get a chance to post these. Here’s a few extra pictures from Universal day before yesterday.

The Hulk, the first coaster Emily and I went on that nobody else was bold (or feeling well) enough for.

The Hulk is fantastic. Fast launch out of the tube on the left there into a barrel-role dive, and then up through the cobra-head loop. I WILL RIDE IT SO MANY TIMES!

The next Emily and Josh only coaster.

Lying on your back with you head slightly down on the straight vertical ascent is slightly uncomfortable. That loop pleases me because there’s a barrel role inside it as well. So fun. Also, it’s a rockin roller coaster, choose your own music. I picked Crystal Method’s Name of the Game. Sadly the ride ended about 3 beats before the final chord, leaving me wanting.

Gringott’s Goblin Bank
I have some technical questions…
We got some tasty ice cream and sat on the stairs in Diagon Alley. It’s SO EMPTY.
Getting ready to head out of Universal