Iced Coffee with 6 extra shots of irony…


Was out and about working today, and it turned out to be a bad day for it as I got kicked out of literally every Starbucks for the afternoon.

The irony of being asked to leave so they can have training about how not to ask people to leave amused me so much that it was worth it though.

The Cascade Station area has a distinct lack of coffee shops or places to hang out besides Starbucks.

From some alternate reality…

I was grabbing some maps for Unreal, and the MediaFire download page showed me this:

Uhhh.. Rule Britannia? God save the Queen, wot wot?

If I had to guess I’d say theĀ  GeoIP: Mapping and GeoIP: Region services don’t have the same concept of regions/borders, and they just put the two plugins back to back on the page. It’s even possible that the two worked together correctly at one point, and one of them changed and now there’s this.

A good reminder to always go back and monitor the status of any 3rd party plugins on sites you’re running…

I blame Brian

It’s not my fault, I had to do it…

This is a nice tight little build, I really enjoyed putting it together! The actually-rolling wheels with really tight tolerances are pleasing.

I assembled the first bike per instructions and the second one freehand, so hopefully my pile of extras are truly extras and I didn’t miss anything.

Now if only I had a single shelf to display my collection on… Someday.

All in all this set is definitely worth it either if you’re a fan of TRON, or a fan of the LEGO Ideas series. Personally I love sets like this where every piece serves both form and function. Everything needed, nothing extra. The little details they included for faces, outfits, etc, are lovely little icing.

I wish I had a big collection of Lego pieces so I could build a Recognizer or something.


I was breaking down the shipping box and found this on the inside of one of the flaps. Nice.

The weary travellers almost home…

Almost to Vancouver, and then home!

It’s been quite a journey. Everyone seems both happy and relaxed, and tired. Much sleeping-in to be done tomorrow I suspect.

Thanks for following along! Next vacation is scheduled for sometime between May and August 2018, so until then we return you to your irregularly scheduled blogging.

Vital statistics

The map from the TV in our room:

You can see in this one where the ship turned for a short time while the helicopter was operating above the bow.

And in this one you can see that we did go up the straight towards the open ocean, but turned around at about 11:30 to head back towards Seattle. You can also see that we traveled 1772 nautical miles in total this week.

Seems dark outside…

Virtual balcony indicates it is indeed quite dark…

Although that’s not actually true! Here’s the real view from outside!

Couple of shots from the top deck of the ship.

Off to our last breakfast!

Sailing away for the last time…

And awwwaaaaay we go!

That other ship left Seattle 20 minutes after we did, then went to Alaska, and now we meet again in Victoria…

It’s fun watching the sea planes in the harbor. I’ll travel that way one of these days.

The pilots were off the boat in no time flat. Much easier than the poor guy in SF. The guy driving the pilot boat was having fun getting squirrely and going in circles for… Fun?

Back in the promenade, stuffed animal demo:

To the boat!

Miles to walk, plenty to see…

We’d never seen a “sushi burrito” before, so that was fun.

They have a cathedral here too. Even more modern.

It was quite pretty, but yet still lacks a certain oomph…

On our walk back we were stalked by a seal.

And now the ships horn has sounded, and we’re headed down the channel back to Seattle.

Actually I’m not sure where we’ll go. It can’t possibly take us until 6am to get back to Seattle, so will we just hang about in puget sound? An adventure awaits!