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Requiring tambourines at all attempts at enlightenment since 1997.

The sun is earning its keep



The beach is looking nice this morning! (Not too breezy, which I like). Josh is characteristically sneaking around in his secret service sunglasses.

At least we’re both hamming!


After literally minutes of packing and seconds of contemplation we are finally on the road to the vacation that I’m told will actually be at the beach this time.

There once was a crow in a tree
but it couldn’t get friends to agree
that the cosmos were vast
as they had their repast
Ah, look! Some shiny debris!

(inspired by true events)

Toot toot!


Being on the train is tiring business. At least it means that we’re in Portland again.

In case you were wondering, there was a med-large sized yeti that had to be wrestled for these seats, hence the look of sheer exhaustion.

It’s very exciting


Apparently if there is any lightening within 5 mi of the airport they won’t let the ramp operators do their job. We are stuck waiting to load a plane until this infernal energy from the miasmic clouds decides to become interested in some other part of this deity-forsaken land.

At least it’s clear and wet


I’m drinking probably the worst water that I’ve had this trip, and it came out of a soda machine. Go figure!

I think it’s because they need to change their dispenser’s water filter. Back out into the lava heat we go.