Bad day to be a target…

Shot 150 rounds through my G19 today. Really focusing on trigger control and grip. Here’s the result:

I Learned two major things today.

  1. My supporting-index-finger-on-trigger-guard ad-hoc grip doesn’t actually seem to make much of a difference if you’re careful. Several other Glock shooters at the range use this technique, it doesn’t seem to matter much. However due to the 2nd issue, I’m going to continue and try to keep my left index finger from drifting up onto the front of the trigger guard.
  2. I’m not using the right part of my finger for the trigger. Making sure the trigger is between the first and second joint of my finger seems to help quite a bit! Once again, this is confirmed by some other Glock guys at the range. Using the tip of your finger can easily cause you to push the muzzle to the left as you’re squeezing the trigger. Really feels weird to put that much of my finger through the the trigger, but it seems to help quite a bit.

Needless to say, I’m actually rather pleased with myself. This week’s targets look much better than last week’s. Almost all of these shots were made both-eyes-open. The first 50 were all slow fire, the second target mixes slow fire and multiple shots. All drills go from high-ready position to on-target and firing.

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  1. Have you seen this video by Todd Jarrett?

    As far as I can tell, that is what all the pros recommend. I know what you’re talking about with pulling from the pad of the first finger segment, though – I’ve dry fired a ton and I still pull the pistol from time to time. It seems like there are only certain places on the pad of the finger where it is neutral.

    That being said, if you’ve found a technique that works for you, well… if it works, it works.

  2. My friend Mike lived a couple blocks from a shooting range in NH, and spent money on ammo like a crack head spends on drugs. Dude burned through a couple hundred bucks of ammo a week. He got scary accurate. He was a firearms wholesaler, back then. He also went by The Punisher theory of weapon ownership. Everything he had was chambered for 9mm, 5.56mm, and 12 ga.

    His collection was few different Glocks, a pair of Bulgarian AK-47s in 5.56mm with folding stocks, and a pair of Valtro PM5 mag-fed 12 gauge shotguns. He’s a big fan of black firearms with polymer grips.

  3. I thought I’d seen that video, but I actually saw a different video of him that uses some of the same clips. The one I saw he talked about the grip, but not the trigger. Very interesting, stuff, I’m going to have to try it his way and see how it works.

    Watching him fire, especially rapid fire, is most interesting. He is managing recoil perfectly. That close up “through his eyes” shot at the very end really shows how well his grip manages to control recoil. Very very impressive. His method of racking the slide is interesting too. Two fingers from under the gun? He must have some kind of super smooth spring. 🙂
    Another good video to watch is his video on shooting prone.

  4. Big Frankie C :

    Hes a big fan of black firearms with polymer grips.

    There’s something to be said for standardization. 🙂
    Some story for having only a few calibers as well. Interchangeability is handy. Hate to pick up a 9mm glock and a .40 glock magazine when you’re in a hurry.

    I’d probably spend more money on ammo, but it’s kinda hard to get at the moment. The range is usually limiting to 2 boxes per-person-per-day. This is probably for the best as far as my bank account is concerned. When you’re standing there seeing clear examples of “practice makes perfect” it can be hard to stop!

  5. “Id probably spend more money on ammo, but its kinda hard to get at the moment. The range is usually limiting to 2 boxes per-person-per-day. This is probably for the best as far as my bank account is concerned.”

    You might want to check out these guys:

    They’re in Lakewood, if you don’t like your ammo shipped.

    Also, I’ve been converted to .22 for most range work. I dry fire, but it’s just not the same.

  6. @nordsieck
    The range I shoot at requires that you buy their clean-fire ammunition. Can’t just bring your own. Sort of a downside, but it’s run by pros so I’m happy there.

    As for the .22, I want to get the AdvantageArms conversion kit for .22, but I can’t decide if I want to get it for my G19 or my G26. Getting your hands on one for either platform is at least a 14 week endeavor apparently. I like the idea of using the frame that I’m used to for consistency, but between the cost and the wait time I just haven’t got around to it…