This chicken salad tastes like elephant smells.

I intended it to be a humorous observation, not to ruin her dinner.

It really did though.


Who’s that guy… in Star Wars… Who’s fuzzy, and wears a sash all the time?

Chewie would be upset to hear you say that… grrraaaawraraaaar


I don’t remember the context fully, but one thing stuck out.

First of all, we’re eating pudding in bed, which you shouldn’t do if you’re an adult.

You’re not the woman I married. Perhaps you’ve been replaced with some sort of animate husk, barely possessed of imagination or soul. I will undertake a mission straightaway to discover where it all went wrong and set things right. Sanity and good sense will be returned, and we shall once again eat pudding wherever and whenever we damn well please. Because we’re adults.




At Insomnia Coffee working. Couple of ladies having a discussion about “teaching people to make more thoughtful and intelligent decisions”. This is promising! Except no, they’re talking about it in the context of a religious outreach program.

You skipped a step there ladies.

Later in the conversation they make fun of Germans because on of them has a BMW where the battery is in the trunk. A quick ‘net search tells me why that is. Temptation to jump in and educate people is rising…


We’re sitting in Starbucks working on homework. Across from us two girls are pretending to write serious academic material on their laptops. (but they’re using bibles as their sources, so really it’s just all imaginary anyway. Not a lot of cognitive power going on here to begin with.)

Then this is overheard: “Well, there are multiple types of engineers, with varying levels of social interaction problems.”

I think I should reclaim their laptops on behalf of engineers everywhere. For great justice.

Welcome to the brave new world…

No longer shall this site be the domain of half-assed attemps and being serious AND crazy delusional rambling.

Going forward there will be only rambling.

Also, we’re now, but you knew that since you’re here already. UPDATE YOUR BOOKMARKS!

Oh doomsayer, thy dismissal of hand is but mine only comfort…

It’s a hard thing when the one with the giant beard decides to make himself into a replica of the main character in the latest Great Sloths of Australia Taking Naps trilogy.

But one does what one can and overcomes such obstacles. Eventually. Maybe first, a bit of a lie down.


Tweet: Every mac I own has become trashy trashy trash tra…

Every mac I own has become trashy trashy trash trash. Pinwheel machines, the lot of them. (Except the ones running linux.) Aggravated.


Tweet: On my top-10 least favorite OSX features: An un-di…

On my top-10 least favorite OSX features: An un-dismissible alert window blocking the upper right of my screen. Make it go away.