Toot toot!

Being on the train is tiring business. At least it means that we’re in Portland again.

In case you were wondering, there was a med-large sized yeti that had to be wrestled for these seats, hence the look of sheer exhaustion.



We had to RUN across Denver, but we made it.
If the view looks familiar it’s because we’re in exactly the same two seats on exactly the same model aircraft. Back into the air for another 3 hours, but home earlier than expected!

The problem is now we’re tired, hungry, thirsty, and on United Airlines, where they propose to do nothing to help us with our first three or four problems.
I guess at least we’re headed towards Portland. I hope.

It’s very exciting

Apparently if there is any lightening within 5 mi of the airport they won’t let the ramp operators do their job. We are stuck waiting to load a plane until this infernal energy from the miasmic clouds decides to become interested in some other part of this deity-forsaken land.

Oh Orlando…


I remembered this train!


Bev seems to like this train as well!

In other news Orlando TSA is the SPECIAL kind of terrible at their jobs, unfriendly, and gives terrible patdowns. I could have a fair bit of just about anything under this kilt and they definitely do not know the kilt patdowns routine. I nearly managed to cause an insurrection while waiting to opt out though. It really motivated the guy to find a screener to get me out of there, that was fun.

Also it’s a pretty old terminal. And there is no coffee on this side of security. The situation is dire. Next stop: Denver. Hopefully less dire.